The Oil Spots Gone is a brand-new formula that comes as a spray that effectively eliminates the oil and grease stains from concrete driveways. 

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Grease and Oil Spots Disappear

May it be Any Concrete, Driveway or Garage with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!


What is the Oil Spots Gone Remover?

If you have a concrete driveway, pavers, or patio that has been stained by oil, it can be an eyesore and a health hazard. Traditional oil removers such as citric acid, baking soda, and other harsh chemicals only lift the stains, but they do not eradicate them permanently.
A concrete oil stain remover with quick action is essential for a concrete that has been stained by motor oils, gasoline, grease, and other greasy substances. The best one in the market can eliminate these stains in no time, which will leave you with a clean and beautiful concrete surface.
Oil Spots Gone contains eco-friendly components that do not irritate the skin or cause respiratory issues. However, it is important to keep the spray away from the eyes and use it in well-ventilated areas.

The Difference .....


How one should Use Oil Spots Gone

What will you find inside the Oil Spots Gone?

Each drop of Oil Spots Gone has a more effective infusion of ingredients supported by natural science, which produces the intended results.
It significantly contributes to your ability to reduce grease and oil strains effectively. Let’s examine the Oil Spots Gone additions in more detail.

Because it is simple to evaporate, the commercial grade of heptane is typically preferred for the solvent with several benefits.
Its uses include aesthetics, cement, compounders, inks, lab reagents, organic synthesis, and solvents. It aids in the evaporation of different types of cooking oil.

Isopropyl Alochol:
Isopropyl Alcohol greatly helps to eliminate the oil, The process is made more easily and effectively to provide you with a clean and effective surface. It disintegrates various oil strains right at the source. As a result, 70% isopropyl alcohol acts as a degreaser to clean goods of stains or other sticky substances.

Acetone, a great choice to proactively enhance the simpler approach of preventing the oil strain, is primarily for removing oil residue.
Despite dispersing a VOC or HAP-oriented chemical into the air, it can remove heavy oil and other undesired materials from surfaces. This extract aids in clearing your targeted source of all dirt strains.

1,1- Difluoro- ethane : 
A Compressed liquefied gas called 1,1- difluoro- ethane is an odorless gas. It is employed in the production  of various components as well as an aerosol fuel and cooling agent.
They are extremely combustible and induce burning. It is a hydro- fluoro olefin, also refrred to as vinylidene flouride.


Why You Need Oil Spots Gone in Your Garage


It leaves no Residue : The oil spot remover is explicitly created to clean patio pavers and concrete surfaces without leaving any residue


Rapid Evaporation Rate: Concrete surfaces quickly absorb the content of the oil remover


Environmental Friendly : The contents in the Oil Spots Gone spray do not have any impact on the overall environment. Hence environmentally sensitive people should use the spray without any worries about polluting the natural environment.


Safe Ingredients : The contents of the spray have no effects on the skin and do not cause any respiratory issues.


Instant Result: It provides instant results allowing users to get rid of tough stains quickly.
One should not wait for long periods for the spray contents to work.


Safe for all surfaces : It works on all types of concrete, pavements and garage driveways.


Made in the USA : Oil Spots Gone Inc. business operated by John W. Scherer who is a US Navy veteran.


Gerry *****
I used everything in the world to get rid of oil spots, and it was a lot of work; this Oil Spots Gone is the easiest, just minutes, and oil spots are gone.
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Wow, less than 2 minutes and 5 oil spots in my driveway are gone. Thanks for Oil Spots Gone......
Ralph *****
Oil Spots Gone is amazing product! Never thought I´d find something this easy, but I did, and if you have oil spots in your driveway, get a can and Thank me later.
Safety Precautions When Using Oil Spots Gone

1. The contents of the spray are highly flammable. It is essential not to use the spray near fireplaces.

2.Store the spray away from children and pets

3. Use the spray in well-ventilated areas to ensure maximum air circulation

4. The storage area should be cool and dry to avoid the expansion of the contents.

5. Shield from sunlight. Do not reveal to warm or store at temperatures above 120°F.

6. Oil Spots Gone does not contain any components that could cause corrosion, nevertheless users of product should wash their hands well after use , to be safe.


30 Days Moneyback Guarantee

Oil Spots Gone is only available at an affordable cost and is fully covered with 30-day-cash-back-guarantee.
If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the product, call customer care of Oil Spots Gone and ask them for an instant refund of your money within 30 days of your purchase date.
For more information, contact customer service via:
Phone: 1-602-607-5219 or 1-877-472-9473
Email: info@oilspotsgone.com